Welcome! Take a sneak peek at my blog.

This blog is about things I love and I think other people will love too. If you’re stuck for present ideas – take a look at my blog. If you want to buy yourself a new handbag, or a new candle, or a new cashmere scarf – take a look at my blog. I will show you where to buy these things and why the person you are buying the stuff for will love it so much. Apart from talking about stuff, I talk about places and travel destinations I love too!

Who is the person behind the blog?
My name is Mariella Bailey ad I’m 20 from Surrey in England. I have recently moved to London but split my time between London and Surrey. I use my blog as a place to express myself to the world, share thoughts, ideas and passions. It is a place where I show people different things that I love. I love gifts, I love giving gifts and I love stuff! Clothes, candles, jewellery, bags – everything! I post about cute things that make me happy and that I think would make great presents and treats to yourself or to others.
I hope you enjoy!
Mariella xx

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