My fresh fall


image1I have decided to take up four new healthy habits to get me through the chilly upcoming months. This is the perfect time to get into the healthy swing of things before Christmas. It can be so easy to slouch around on the sofa, snuggle up by the fire, eat chocolate and drink tea. This time is of year is my favourite and I do not want it to slip by me and for it to already be December with no leaves on the trees and Christmas round the corner. We must embrace our seasons!


  1. Get exercising outside:

Exercising is so important and if you can you should try and make it part of your weekly routine. Exercising outside this autumn is going to keep you happy as the evenings and mornings get darker and colder. Exercising outside gives you the chance to soak up some important Vitamin D and release endorphins to keep you feeling positive and fight off any stress or anxiety. So layer up, get running and skipping outside and get your cheeks lovely and rosy.


  1. Sleep deep:

Everyone loves and needs sleep. It makes us healthier, happier and more productive. We all need roughly 7-9 hours sleep a night to help us not fall into a lazy routine. So stop the late nights out for a while and wrap up and jump up into bed.


  1. Buy new gym garments:

Motivate and inspire yourself with a new set of leggings and a new gym top. Try and go for some bright colours so you are visible while running in the twilight evenings and bright colours when it is cold and dark will self-consciously keep you in the right frame of mind.


  1. Walk and wonder

Take yourself on some autumnal picturesque walks through the London parks. Check out the different colours of all the leaves from red, yellow and orange. The colours are so spectacular and what autumn is all about. Pop down to the English countryside for a weekend and walk along the country roads. Take in all the colours and surroundings around you, build up the rosy cheeks and put your phone away. There is no need for social media at a time like this when the world around you is changing and moving from season to season. It is a wonderful thing to see and be a part off. There is more to life than social media.


Start these four healthy habits today and let us know how you get on! Oh and happy Friday!

Mariella xx






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