Loving Pilates to your core!

Pilates is something that is very new to me and I have only started recently. I have always been one for high intensity exercise like spinning and running but I believe that Pilates may have won me over this time!

A great gift for someone would be a batch of one to one sessions with a Pilates teacher. This is great because the classes can be tailored and focused on specific areas that the person might want to focus on. Whether they have back pain they want to get rid of or they want tighter legs and a tighter tummy – Pilates is for you. If you have a Pilates studio near you pop in and get a price for one to one sessions!

Why is Pilates so good for you?

It is easy for everyone to start Pilates now. There are two ways to start your Pilates journey:

1 – order a Pilates DVD and mat of Amazon and get going in your living room


2 – sign up to a Pilates studio or gym with classes near you and get going on the reformer machines.

Get ready to clear your mind and body and feel like the healthiest version of yourself you can be. With Pilates and reformer classes you see and feel results quickly which motivates you to carry on feeling and looking fabulous. One Pilates class takes around 45 minutes – 1 hour so it is short and sweet without that exercise grueling feeling. You’re probably asking yourself – what on earth is a reformer machine?



The reformer creates a unique and varied exercise that involves lots of small movements to work all the muscles in your body. It is a large piece of equipment, which accommodates the whole body and is fantastic for flexibility, building strength and lengthening the muscles in your body. If you can combine Pilates, Yoga and cardio a few times a week you will quickly see a huge difference in your body.

Join the Pilates hype and tell us how you get on. You have nothing to loose apart from weight!

Let us know what you think!

Mariella xx







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