Bend & Bubbles Yoga Retreat


This is the perfect long weekend away. What more could you want then to sit in the Cotswold countryside, drink champagne, eat beautiful organic meals and take part yoga classes and fitness classes. This is THE best way to come away from a weekend feeling relaxed and indulged.


Buying a Bend & Bubbles weekend away for your partner and a friend would be a great way to get some time to yourself and for him or her to enjoy some time away with a friend. The best of both worlds! The weekend away has the perfect balance between fitness, relaxation and drinking champagne.


See below a rough idea of the itinerary for the weekend so you know what you’re signing someone up to:


4pm – Arrive

7pm – Dinner

10pm – Meditation

Choice of bed or more champagne


8:30am – Yoga class

9:30am – Organic homemade breakfast is served

11am – Mindfulness walk in the beautiful, fresh countryside

12-1pm – Fitness class

 1:30pm – 2:30pm –  Chill time (read a book, have a nap, have a bath etc)

2:30pm – Organic delicious lunch!

3:30pm – Massages and chill time

5pm – Yoga class

7pm – Dinner

9/10pm – Meditation

Choice of bed or more champagne

It was an enchanting weekend. You arrive and you are shown to your bedroom. A lovely four post bed, en suite bathroom & a goody bag on your bedside table for your weekend ahead full of facemasks, a glass water bottle and a yoga towel etc. It is such a nice little touch to get something on your arrival.


I love Bend & Bubbles because I love a feel good holiday but I do not want to eat only vegan and raw food. Bend & Bubbles have found the perfect balance. Not everyone wants to commit to 5 hours of yoga a day, drink only almond milk and eat no meat – so that is why Bend & Bubbles is great. There is so much variety and you do not have to take part in everything, you can sit the things out you do not want to do and go up to your room and do your own thing. It is your retreat and there is no pressure to take part in everything! Take a friend down to the beautiful Cotswold’s and just relax! That is what it is all about.

B A L A N C E !


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