Fall Favourites


Autumn has quickly crept up on us, so I wanted to choose two items that I have used all summer that will still be great presents and items to buy for any birthdays or little treats this fall. These two items are good investments and they are something you or the person you are buying for will use everyday. Perrrrrrfect pressies!

  1. Harcourt  London watch – http://www.harcourt-watches.com

Harcourt London is a brand new watch company that hasn’t been exposed and exhausted to the London scene. It is starting to find its way into magazines here and there but it is still very understated. Catch one quickly because they are certainly on the rise! I love this watch because I am bored of seeing everyone wearing a Daniel Wellington or a Larson & Jennings. These are a breath of fresh air, classic and timeless. As an everyday piece it is perfect as the colours are simple so they will go with everyday outfits, plus they’re waterproof! They have two sizes which will lean towards wether you are buying for a male or female. 40mm face – £150 & 36mm – £130

2. Mulberry Purse – http://www.mulberry.com/gb/shop/family/black/tree-continental-wallet-black-small-classic-grain

I was given a Mulberry purse for christmas a few years ago and this has been one of the best presents I have had. I use it every single day! It is a simple item but it is such a luxury to pull out a pure leather purse. This is £295 but will last for a few years so deffo worth the investment! image6

I hope this helps any present issues!

Mariella xx









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