Daphne’s, Chelsea

I have been to Daphne’s a few times before and I went there a few days ago for a meal with my family and It was as usual d e l i c i o u s!  The service is top-notch with the staff being so polite and professional, bringing everything you need or want.

I started my meal of with a glass of still water and a San Pellegrino Lemon.

My starter : Gamberoni with prawns & Garlic

My main course : Lobster spaghetti

Dessert : Amedei chocolate mousse

Tea/Coffee : All followed by a deliciously frothy cappuccino.

The meal was genuinely, utterly delightful. The restaurant is beautiful, set in a side street in Chelsea, London and I cannot recommend it more for a dinner date, business lunch/meeting, family lunch and anniversary destination. Take yourself and your loved ones for a special treat, it’s worth it.

Do let me know if you end up going and what you thought of it!

Mariella xx

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer daphes 2 daphes 1


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