Perfect pressies

If you’re struggling to buy a present for a certain someone, do not panic! Whether it is a little gift just because your’e feeling nice, or if its a birthday present, I can help.

Birthday: A present for her – She’s talking about her upcoming birthday every now and then, leaving subtle hints here and there and you’re panicking because you don’t have much time left and you need to come up with something asap! Summer is swiftly approaching and you want to come up with something that she is going to get a lot of use out of. Two words – Rae Feather.

Rae Feather is a British brand launched in late 2013, providing luxury cashmere clothing, cotton towels and accessorise. The ‘Basket & Clutches’ section in their Accessories category is my favourite place to go for presents. The baskets are beautifully made (handmade out of palm straw), contemporary and timeless. They’re an essential for the summer approaching and they’re personalised – PERFECT GIFT! The initials come in all colours, so whether she is a girly girl or more of a tom boy, they are able to cater for everyone. The bags retail at £150 –

Feeling nice: You’re wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend is having a tough time at work, feeling down and needs a pick me up. You want to find something to make them feel better, comfort them and make their day. One word this time – Scentered.

Scentered understands all the the pressures that are put on us today. Stress levels are at their peak when women and men are juggling everything in life, which seems to be very often. Scentered allows you some time out to reset your mood and change the way you are feeling. They are essentially a balm in a tube, that you rub into your pressure points to make you feel more relaxed. They have balms for when you want to feel refreshed, relaxed, confident, de-stressed, empowered, balanced, inspired, focused, grounded, calm, uplifted and comforted. However you feel or want to feel, they can help. These retail at £14.50 each –

Please do let me know if this helps! 

Mariella x

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