Hello world!

So here goes…
Blogging is not something I have ever done before. It’s not something that comes naturally to me, and it’s not something I could see myself doing. I am not very good at writing or English – but I am going to give it my best shot at creating something to help you readers and fellow bloggers! My first few posts may be badly written and slightly rubbish, but hopefully you can empathise with my thoughts and ideas ! So please bear with me while I try to scoot myself around it all and learn the ropes!
My name is Mariella Bailey, I’m 19 from Surrey. I am a lover of making lists, organising, shopping and giving people things. When I was thinking of starting a blog, I asked myself, what actually is a blog? I then did some research and found that I guess a blog is basically an online journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world, share thoughts, ideas and passions. In my case it is a website that I am going to update on a daily basis (If I can) to show all you lovely people different things that I love. I love gifts, I love giving gifts and I love stuff! Clothes, candles, jewellery, bags – everything! I am going to post about cute things that make me happy and that I think would make great presents and treats to yourself or to others.
Please use this as an invitation to join me on my little journey about ‘things’, who to buy these ‘things’ for and what to do with them.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog!!! 
Mariella x



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  1. sheila err it's June 9, 2015 — 8:56 pm

    Mariella, what a super idea! I love it! I’ll look for it every day. Well done. All my love, g’ma. Xxx

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  2. Hey Mariella. Will enjoy your wanderings on all things gorgeous and interesting. Come see me in Connaught Street. I think you will love wandering there too. Lisa B


  3. Love the t-shirt photo at the top of your blog! Welcome to blogging 🙂 x


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